Hi my names Annie I live in the suburbs of Chicago! This blog is documenting my journey into becoming a self trained pastry chef! Here you can read about my experiences of baking, ideas for new recipes, and get updated on what I am creating! I love to dine out as well! So catch reviews on my favorite restaurants or new restaurants that I just so happen to run into. I am constantly filled with ideas and hopefully you will be inspired to bake as well!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Your pictures look beautiful!! Ellen told me you messaged her, if this is Annie, please write back and say hi! How was the wedding? I am so sorry I missed it. I was in New York helping my Mom recover from open heart surgery. Miss you. Please write back and tell me if I can order! I love dessert! Ms. K-P

    • Thanks so much! I thought you might like it and I asked Ellen to let ya know! The wedding turned out really nice (thank goodness the weather was perfect) and its alright! I hope your mom is all better! I miss you a ton too! And yes soon you will be able to order the desserts I will keep you updated!!! This blog is going to document my journey in becoming a self made pastry chef! I’m going to be opening up my own cupcake/mini dessert bakery in a year or 2 and right now I am testing and getting recipes together. It will be a home bakery for now while I’m testing so I can get clientele and get my name out there! So how are you? whats new? and thank you for checking out my blog!!! Your the best!

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